Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Bone-By-Bone: Assembling A Dinosaur Skeleton

Now on Exhibit, March 31 through July 8, 2007

Cincinnati has never had a real dinosaur skeleton of its own—until now!

Cincinnati Museum Center paleontologists are preparing a skeleton of the carnivorous dinosaur Allosaurus fragilis for future exhibition in the Museum of Natural History & Science. Beginning March 31, visitors can see staff members and volunteers assembling the bones of this 25-foot long theropod, or bird-like dinosaur, in the John A. Ruthven Exhibition Gallery. Allosaurus was a major predator in North America 140-million years ago during the Jurassic Period. Museum Center’s specimen comes from the famous Cleveland-Lloyd Dinosaur Quarry of Emery County, Utah.

Visitors have the unique opportunity of being able to witness the assembly process up-close as the skeleton goes together bone-by-bone. The methods and materials by which dinosaur skeletons are preserved and exhibited are also on display, and visitors have the opportunity to discuss the project first-hand with staff as the skeleton comes together. Visit again and again to see the project progress!

Admission to this exhibit is free!

See an interview with Glenn Storrs about the project, part of the CETConnect.org website.

View a live webcam of the exhibit at CETConnect.org

2007 Dinosaur Field School Information

2007 Session dates:

Week 1: July 22 through 28
Week 2: July 29 through August 5


Museum members: $1,150

Non-members: $1,250
Fees includes all instruction, collecting tool rental, lodging, meals and transportation to and from camp once in Red Lodge. Transportation to Billings, Montana, from your home and back is not included. Lodging is dormitory-style, with a men’s and a woman’s cabin. Private cabins may also be available by early registration.


Space is limited, so please register as early as possible. A full registration packet and medical release form will be mailed upon request. A $600 per person non-refundable deposit is required, together with the registration form and signed waivers to secure your reservation.

Payment Schedule:

The remainder of your balance is due by June 12. Refunds of the remaining balance, minus the $600 deposit, will be made until June 26. After June 26, no refunds will be made. There can be no refunds for unused options of the planned itinerary.


Plan to fly to Billings or drive to Red Lodge. You should arrive in Red Lodge by 5 p.m. on day one of your session. If you need transportation from Billings, you will be picked up at the airport. If you are driving, directions to YBRA can be downloaded. In either case, be sure to apprise us of your travel details. Plan to depart in the afternoon of day seven. You will need to bring your own sleeping bag and personal items—see recommended field gear list.


Please do not hesitate to call the Museum's Information and Reservation office at (513) 287-7021 or 1-800-733-2077 x7021.