Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Welcome to the Dinosaur Field School Blog

The 2008 field season is here, and the blog which was started by Dr. Glenn Storrs in the summer of 2006, is still going strong. In these posts, you will learn about the work of paleontologists...both professional and amateur...on Cincinnati Museum Center's annual pilgrimage to the Bighorn Basin of Montana.

In the right-hand column, you can find archived posts from past seasons and from the "in-between" times when all of the work in the museum and the Geier Collections and Research Center is taking place. Staff and volunteers will be departing Cincinnati on June 29th, and posts will follow semi-regularly over the next 6 weeks as the team makes the 1600 mile trek to Montana and as they continue to uncover the fossils of juvenile Diplodocus in the "Mother's Day Quarry". We will also be including insights from the amateur paleontologists and students joining us.

But most importantly, you (as the reader) can post your own questions and comments. We'll answer every question as we get a chance, and look forward to hearing from you!


Sunday, June 22, 2008

One week and counting...

Well, we have 11 staff and volunteers confirmed (Dr. Storrs, myself, Mac, Sara, Craig, Ian, Lauren, Lamont, Mike, Dale and Sam), 18 Field School participants (from Ohio, Colorado, Wisconsin, England and Finland), and a few others who will be joining us over the course of 5 weeks in the field.

As of now, we will be leaving Cincinnati at around 9:00 a.m. on Sunday, June 29th (for anyone who is interested, that's my b-day). We should make Grinnell, Iowa on Day 1, so a few of us are really looking forward to some salsa & chips from "Casa Margaritas".

Most everything is packed, including more dry goods than I think we've ever taken out with us. Kroger's had a big sale on Pringles ($.88 a can), and an "unnamed" bulk food club was the source for the rest, including powdered Gatorade, powdered mashed potatoes, canned veggies (sorry, Sara), canned chicken, pasta, tomato sauce. I was adamant that we save some money on food (since $4.00 gasoline appears to be with us throughout the trip), and Dr. Storrs was insistent that we eat, buy in bulk was the answer.

We'll be loading everything up starting on Saturday around noon. It will be the first time that some of our new staff and volunteers will have met, but Sara and Mac (assuming he makes it back from Utah in one piece) will hopefully show the leadership skills they have developed over the past several years. The two of them have really helped keep this program moving forward during recent staffing changes.

I will try to post once or twice more before next Sunday, but with six weeks of being in the desert ahead of me, I'm looking forward to several evenings of soaking in the hot tub and spending some time with my wife and our 20 month old son.

Cheers for now...

Monday, June 02, 2008

Dry Dredgers Trilobite Fossils

Ok, not a dinosaur or Montana, but the Dry Dredgers are a group of amateur Cincinnati geologists and fossil collectors who quite often have displays in the Museum of Natural History & Science and make frequent donations to Cincinnati Museum Center's collections. This is one such display of Isotelus Trilobites...quite phenomenal. This video was shot and posted by one of their members.