Monday, June 28, 2010

Locked and loaded..

We are set...all that is left to do is buy some soda pop. Today the crew assembled and loaded all our provisions for our trek to the Mother's day site. Mack English, Mike Papp, Sara Oser, Mike Aull, Lamont Meadows, Caleb Flum and myself worked with Oompa Loompa like precision to load the trailer and truck. This crew is a fine crew that will do great things. We head out Wednesday, the sun at our backs heading west with tremendous expectation. Please keep us in mind as you face evening sky this July knowing that somewhere in the high sage of Montana your 2010 Cincinnati Museum Center Dino Crew is working hard.


Wednesday, June 23, 2010

One week out…

Spam?The last minute fires are now embers… (I hope) and all that is left to do is load up. The crew will gather on June 28th for a loading party at Geier Center under the watchful eyes of Dr. Storrs. I would like to thank all the folks at the museum that have helped over the last few months. There is no way I could have done it without your wisdom and patience. A special thanks to my boss Karen Venetian for letting my inner 11 year old boy have the opportunity to dig up dinosaurs.

Beneath the earth, lost to time, fantastic creatures await, our picks, trawls and sweat of our brow.



Thursday, June 17, 2010

Just about ready..

Things are progressing nicely and Xiphactinuswe should be ready to go June 30th. Yesterday Jason Denison was nice enough to help us gather food and provisions for the trip THANKS JASON!!! We got most of what we needed but still have a few odds and ends to pull together before we go.

For those who are curious on which way we are heading out. Glenn and I have decided on the Kansas route. Our 1st day is Cincinnati to Lawrence Kansas. The 2nd day we Museum Center Prep Labarrive at Wallace Kansas were we will deliver a fossil shark to a local colleague. The rest of that day and the next will be spent exploring the chalk deposits for Mosasaurs and I hope maybe a Hesperornis! ;) On the 3rd of July we will reach Casper Wyoming for our last On-the-road camp out. Waking up on the 4th of July we will push on to the dig sight and set up base camp.

Thanks for Checking In

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Get Ready for Dino Field School

Diplodocus SkullHello all. It’s that lovely time of year again. Things are going superb and preparations for the 2010 Cincinnati Museum Center Dino Field School is on schedule. Let me introduce myself. My name is Dan Striley my current position at CMC is Science Coordinator for Outreach. My job takes me all around Cincinnati and the surrounding region. I teach preschoolers to high schools students about how fantastic science can be. I am very exited about being Dr Glenn Storrs' site manager this year and getting this opportunity to learn about Geology, Paleontology, and the natural world. Please check in from time to time to see how is treating the crew and me and with a little hard work and a bit of luck maybe wonderful things will be uncovered.

Thanks for checking in
Dan Striley