Thursday, June 17, 2010

Just about ready..

Things are progressing nicely and Xiphactinuswe should be ready to go June 30th. Yesterday Jason Denison was nice enough to help us gather food and provisions for the trip THANKS JASON!!! We got most of what we needed but still have a few odds and ends to pull together before we go.

For those who are curious on which way we are heading out. Glenn and I have decided on the Kansas route. Our 1st day is Cincinnati to Lawrence Kansas. The 2nd day we Museum Center Prep Labarrive at Wallace Kansas were we will deliver a fossil shark to a local colleague. The rest of that day and the next will be spent exploring the chalk deposits for Mosasaurs and I hope maybe a Hesperornis! ;) On the 3rd of July we will reach Casper Wyoming for our last On-the-road camp out. Waking up on the 4th of July we will push on to the dig sight and set up base camp.

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