Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Blogging about Digging Dinosaurs

When we started the Dinosaur Field School Blog last summer, we had no real goals or targets about who would visit or where they might come from. As the hits kept coming, we were surprised to see where our visitors were coming from. In the 10 months or so since we went live, we’ve seen visitors from 21 foreign countries and 44 states (plus the District of Columbia). If you know anyone in the following states, send them a link and have them add their state to the tally: Delaware, Hawaii, Louisiana, North Dakota, Utah, Vermont. (Update 6/12/07: A curious visitor has joined us from Utah...only 5 more states to go!)

What this has proven to me, and to others at Cincinnati Museum Center, is that even in this age of media and on-demand gratification, the simple story of scientists and their love for their work (in this case, paleontology) is still a powerful one.

This DFS Blog is coming back to life as we approach the start of the 2007 field season, officially beginning in mid July when a group of us will be traveling by caravan to Montana. We have several folks already signed up to join us, including a couple of parent/child combinations and participants from the CMC Youth Program, but there is still time to sign-up by calling (800)733-2077 x7021. We’ll have some more posts coming in the next six weeks before our departure, and then we’ll try to post every day we have access to an Internet connection while in Montana.

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