Monday, August 03, 2009

The Plesiosaur has landed

The Plesiosaur has made it safely onto the trailer! This was the largest of the field jackets removed from the site. There were a lot of crossed fingers but everything went according to plan.
Now, with one site closed, the entire crew will tackle the Mother's Day site tomorrow. Before we close for the season, the following still needs to take place:
  • Two bones need to be jacketed
  • The edges of the site must be contoured with fill to prevent looting and erosion
  • Haul all the tools and supplies off of the site
  • Strap the remaining field jackets to day packs for the trip down to camp
  • Carefully pack the van and truck using up every available space
  • Strap down everything that rests on the trailer
  • And then, just then, will the site be closed for the season
If all goes well, we will leave Wednesday bright and early and arrive in Cincinnati on Friday and unload on Saturday.


Anonymous said...

Good job sharon. Thats so cool you guys got it. Hope ur having fun. Can't wait for u to come home.
Laura McMullen

Matt Cobley said...

Id like to think I helped pack everything away in spirit. But Im pretty sure thats not going to go very far with you guys as youre hauling everything down the hill


Anonymous said...

We can't wait to here about the dig when you get home!
Jodi, Henry, Alex, Tommy