Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Thank You to All.

It is Monday Morning, August 2nd, 5:42AM. The sunrise calls of Lark Sparrows chitter on the hillside above my tent. Far off a thin whisp of clouds hang over the still dim hogback ridges. A half disolved moon sits where a blazing noon time sun will soon dictate the pace of the day's work. If all goes well, the rest of our Diplodocus fossils will be jacketed and lugged down to our waiting transport.The Quarry that has provided a wealth of knowledge will be backfilled and converted once again into a rolling rocky landscape silent to the intrusion of man Glenn and Crew would like to thank every single person who helped in this 2010 Mother's Day Expedition. Their help has given us a chance to jacket-up nearly 180 remnants of a fantastic herbiverous sauropod dinosaur named "Diplodocus". Every bone found helps us better understand the great history of our planet and will be kept, prepared and preserved for future generations, which is the mission of the Cincinnati Museum Center. Knowledge is to be shared and passed on. Quality specimens like the ones at Mother's Day will be available to those who come after us, so that they may further what is known today. The land that we dig on is Federal Property and is managed by the Federal Bureau of Land Management. In the past month officials have checked in on us and they will keep an eye on the Mother's Day Site to make sure that next summer's exploration will continue.

Please keep looking for new blog entries as I plan to post many more. We now begin the long journey home to Cincinnati with great expectations for 2011.

The Crew

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