Monday, July 31, 2006

Photos from the 2006 Dinosaur Field School

Beautiful high mountain lakes on the Beartooth Plateau
are the melted remnants of glacial ice. Such glacial lakes
are known as tarns.

The 1934 Fanshaw Lodge at the YBRA camp provides
all the comforts of home in a rustic Montana setting.

The scenic road to the YBRA camp in Red Lodge provides
good views of the overturned Madison Limestone
(Mississippian, below to right) and Bighorn Dolomite
Ordovician, above to left) at the Beartooth Range front.

The canyon of the Clark’s Fork of the Yellowstone River dissects
a nearly complete Paleozoic marine section of approximately
300 million years duration above the unstratified Precambrian
basement rocks of the Beartooth thrust block.

Glenn savors his hike to the top of Mother’s Day Ridge.

Happy Dinosaur Field School participants on their way to
the Mother’s Day Site quarry, with gear and in fashion!

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I have some photos from this dig when I went. Mat Acra (859)684-9301