Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Photos of dinosaur finds!

Work during the first week of Cincinnati Museum Center’s Dinosaur Field School has exposed a caudal (tail) vertebra and a lower limb bone (epipodial).

Dinosaur Field School participant Joe Gray uncovers a series of four articulated caudal (tail) vertebrae.

Mason and Joe apply plaster soaked burlaps strips to the block of caudal vertebrae. Note Joe’s wristwatch about to become a fossil!

Joe begins to loosen the capped block from it’s home of 140 million years.

Hands gather around, preparing to turn the block over in one quick motion.

The underside of the block shows no exposed bones – a perfect flip!

The block containing the fossil vertebrae is ready to go!


Martin English said...

Hey Mason,

That's a great looking plaster cast. Looks like a lot of work and awfully heavy. Too bad no one has found other materials that are easier to apply and lighter to carry to the site and then back to the truck.


Glenn said...

As I understand it, someone among the crew is experimenting on just this problem - not on my big Diplodocus, though! We'll let you know how it turns out. In the meantime we'll continue to carry out heavy blocks like the 300 pounder of today! G-