Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Another batch of photos ...

Four articulated dorsal vertebral centra are exposed along the
bottom edge of the main block of our “Dodson Diplodocus” at Rattlesnake Ridge. Another ten vertebrae in the series are covered with a preliminary plaster field jacket.

Glenn points out the mapped positions of “Dodson Diplodocus” skeletal elements as originally discovered.

Glenn is a walking billboard for Cincinnati Museum Center while in the field!

One of the early homesteader cabins in the region remind us that those who tamed the western country lived not so may generations ago.

Glenn discusses ancient river channel cross-bedded sandstones with Museum Center board member Buck Niehoff.


jason d. said...

Glenn...I'm trying to remember where the homesteader cabin is located. It's not on the old abandoned mining road, is it?

Glenn said...

Nope - It's on the gravel cutoff between the Belfry Bridger road and the road to Powell, running near the Clark's Fork.

Anonymous said...

Hi Dad, how are you doing? My favorite pictures were the ones of the petroglyphs. William :)

Carol said...

Had a great time on the Dinasaur dig. It was a 'once in a lifetime' event that I'm tempted to repeat and now recommend to all my friends. I am pleased to see the bones I worked so hard on were safely removed. Everyone got along, the 'professionals' were supportive and helpful, the cook at the YBRA served fabulous food that met my difficult dietary restrictions. Every night I ended my journal with the same entry: "Another good day!"
Thanks to all involved!