Friday, July 27, 2007

Pictures: Week One

Geology 101 on the back porch of the YBRA.

A typical U-shaped valley formed by glaciers in the Rock Creek Valley of the Beartooth Mountains.

Top of the world on the Beartooth Plateau. Has anyone seen Sally?

There she is! Sally and Emily with Dr. Storrs.

Susan and Ian, who is fighting with a bottle of consolidant (glue) which doesn't always handle very easily in the heat.

Here's Bob, quite happy that his vertebra is ready for a top jacket.

Here's Lynette in a very stereotypical paleontology pose, looking down.

Sara, deep in concentration on a wonderful fibula.

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Susan said...

I just wanted to thank everyone for a great experience. Ian and I look forward to joining you again next year, hopefully sans the cold. I added some pictures on shutterfly for those who are interested.