Friday, August 17, 2007

Last Things First...

Well, the 2007 field season has come to a close. I know that there are some big holes in the play-by-play, but a family emergency brought me out of the field a little earlier than planned and I've spent the past two weeks or so sorting that all out.

I brought the van back early last week loaded to the gills with plaster field jackets and gear which wouldn't be needed to close the site down. Mackenzie and Sara stayed behind to help close the site down and returned with Dr. Storrs, to my knowledge, sometime late on Sunday evening (Aug 19th). There were several bones exposed and leaving them behind, even if under protective winter jackets, just wasn't an option so they made sure that everything came out before leaving.

I will be providing a final tally of fossils collected, which included some REALLY nice finds, in the next few days and will then go back to recap some of the week-by-week finds and activities including a great week with CMC's Youth Program during Week Three. I'd like to take this opportunity to thank the CMC Board of Directors and senior leadership at Museum Center for their continuing support of this worthwhile project, including allowing me to tag along (and hopefully contribute) this year. On behalf of myself and Dr. Storrs, I'd like to thank Sally, Emily, Lynette, Susan, Ian, Bill, Kim, Tom and John for attending the Field School this year and for their efforts in the quarry. An additional thanks goes to the field crew who volunteered a good portion of their summer to making this enterprise a success: Dale, D.M., Angela, Mac, Sara, Sam, Gary and Mike. I hope that each of you can make it out again next summer as we try to teach Sara a few more camp stove recipes (and yes, vegetables ARE a food group) .

In addition to the backtracking I will do in the next few days, we will continue to update the blog throughout the year in preparation for next year's Field School. There is a possibility that we will have a "teachers only" week, pending some grant funding, so be on the lookout for details.


Sara O. said...

Just because veggies are on some pyramid does not make them worthy of consumption. Next you'll be telling me that mushrooms are edible :)

PS. I now know how to make German egg dumplings and chicken schnitzel. HA!

Jason said...

Sara, i really liked your shirt, though, that said something to the effect of "Vegetables are not food...they are food for food." Remember, you can also now make Gold Star Chili from scratch... :) Welcome back!