Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Pictures: Week Two in the Beartooths

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Me, with a sinus infection standing at 9100 feet, with a two-week beard and eyes about ready to explode from the pressure.

The classic U-shaped valley carved by a glacier. This is the Rock Creek Valley.

This is an example of a mafic dike (black intrusin in the center) created when magma forced it's way up through the granite rock which forms the Beartooth Mountains.

Here's Dr. Storrs, a sometimes solitary figure, surveying the Beartooth Plateau, somewhere over 10,000 feet.

Here's the Week Two group, looking into the cirque at the head of the Rock Creek Valley. This is where the glacier which carved the valley would have originated.

Here's Tom, trying to get a great shot. He's a few feet from the edge of what is about a 500 foot drop. This cirque serves as a training facility for the US Olympic Ski Team.

In the distant center, you can see the "Bear's Tooth", the namesake for this mountain range.

The Week Two group and Glenn at Vista Point, somewhere around 9100 feet, observing the various features found in the Rock Crek Valley.

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