Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Week Two Starters

Again, still in Billings trying to down my frappucino and get back on the road to the Mother's Day Quarry, but just a quick start to Week Two. We have six anxious diggers joining us this week: Minna, Susan, Kevin, Ian, Laura and Ruth. They all arrived safely on Sunday and were eager to get started digging, so we pretty much went straight to the site on Monday morning and put in a good 6 hours in the 100+ degree temperatures (we measured the ground temperature in the sun at more than 130-degrees).

Today will be their second full day in the field, and Wednesday will be their trip up the mountains to the Beartooth Plateau. In addition to the amazing geology, they will also find that the wildflowers are at their peak and quite beautiful.

Susan, Kevin and Ian have had the best luck thus far, uncovering 2 nearly perfectly preserved metacarpals and an associated ungal (toe) bone. Minna has been busy with some rather curious pieces, while Ruth has been following some pretty fragile fossils down into some very hard rock. Laura has a busy day of clearing some overburden, but found a rib at the end of day one. Mac, Craig, Mike, Lamont and I were busily trying to get some things out of the ground in an attempt to broaden our excavation area. Dale, Pat and Sara were off prospecting in some of the local Cloverly outcroppings, but had a somewhat disappointing day.

More posting as soon as I can.....

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