Wednesday, July 09, 2008


Chicken curry, bison marinara, gumbo and beef tips sound like menu items from a fusion restaurant in New York or San Francisco, but they are in fact the menu items from our first few days with Pat Monaco, our field cook for two weeks this season.

Pat has been doing this for a couple of decades, traveling all over the country to serve meals for hungry geologists and paleontologists. In her "free time" she works on oil and gas pipelines doing fossil mitigation...that is looking through the trenches dug by pipeline crews to determine if there are any noteworthy fossils in the path of these major undertakings. It goes without saying, but she is a force of nature and she has won over all of our crew with her sense of humor and her culinary preparations.

No pork-n-beans or SPAM for the next week, thank goodness.

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