Friday, July 30, 2010

Montana Outreach

You can take the presenter from the Outreach program but you can't keep the Outreach out of the Presenter. While out here in Montana, Everett Edwards, a local blacksmith and friend of Mother's Day asked if he could bring a few local kids by to dig. With Glenn's permission a few mornings two or three young Montanans stop buy to pick, chisel and collect float. Their enthusiasm and patience is outstanding. Having this opportunity to teach kids in an active dino quarry is one of the most fun things I have ever done as an educator.


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Anonymous said...

did those kids find a dinosaur? I found this page from a "like" on facebook. I shall tell all my friends to check it out.

Jim T

The Crew said...

Jim, I don't know if they found any on their own, but they did assist and see how the found bones are prepared. Yes! Please spread the word of our blog to your facebook friends. Please consider subscribing to our blog through the Networked Blogs App. I have put a link at the end of this blog above the last image.

valellenrobertson said...

Dan- Thanks so much for the opportunity to spend the morning out on the site! We had a great time and my kids learned so much from you. It really opened a door to a new science to them. Thanks for the pictures too!!
Val, Donny and Dacey from Fromberg