Thursday, July 22, 2010

We will miss you Mike, Sara and Mark.

Goodbye messages for Sara Oser

"The day after you left the blue pack frame died." -Mackenzie
"Please come back I'm the only girl." -Sharon
"Its not a tibularum." -Caleb
"Where is your hat so I can take it." -Lamont
"What a gusher. Lots of mountain lions even more paper cows. Please next time lean your head back." -Dan

Goodbye messages for Mike Papp

"Now I have all the leftovers to myself." -Mackenzie
"Mike you were not the only one in camp that snores (Dan)." -Sharon
"I miss your jokes, you are a funny guy. "-Caleb
"Thank you for the fossilized pearls." -Lamont
"Your knowledge is beyond compare. Did you ever change your underwear?" -Dan

Goodbye messages for Mark Aull

"Your Plane was the hottest thing in Camp." -Mackenzie
"Your last name is the same as one of the tools we use in the Quarry." -Sharon
"Yo, man that was a Jerusalem Cricket." -Caleb
"I found your yucca, you forgot it." -Lamont
"Your old man hat is the bomb." -Dan


Mark Aull said...

Was? Your message makes it sound like it somehow caught on fire. Did you ever get enough wind to try to fly it? I'm really curious about how well it will work.

Mark Aull said...

I know. I remembered it was there sometime after we got to the YBRA. I think I also left a washcloth at YBRA when I was trying to gather everything in the morning. Hopefully I didn't forget about anything more important.
The yucca was probably pretty much dead before I tried to pack it anyway. Apparently it's important to keep the roots from drying out; I had assumed they had evolved to do that themselves. If it's halfway alive when you come back I'd appreciate it if someone brought it back, but I don't really expect any of the pieces to live.
The original plant, on the other hand, will probably have a 20 foot long root that we'll have to chop out next year.

Jason said...

To Mike Aull: I have some yuccas in my yard here in Cincinnati that I would be more than happy to part with...

Anonymous said...

The blue one was the best!

I'm sorry Sharon, you can borrow my rifle if you need to.

WHAT! NOT A TIBULARUM!? Don't you dare tell me it was a Stegosaurus scapula...go find the face.

My hat is safe

Alas, the extreme humidity has healed my poor nose.

I can send an extra pair of goggles since I can feel you are all envious of their fashionable dust-resistance!