Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Remnant of Young Diplodocus Found

The Golden BrontoWednesday before lunch Lamont Meadows stumbled upon a bit of skull. Skull material is hard to find because of the fragility of the bone itself. Thin and delicate things easly disintegrate and are often lost. This bit of skull is from the bottom of the head where it attaches to the vertibral column. Look closely at the photo and you can see a round piece of bone. That is the occipital condyle where the first vertibrae in this Diplodocus's neck, called an Atlas would have attached. We are guessing that this particular Diplodocus had a head about the size of a football.

Good job Lamont! This is only the 3rd partial skull found at Mother's Day Quarry and has earned you your second "Golden Bronto."


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