Sunday, July 11, 2010

A Tale of Two Tails

On Saturday the crew was permitted to collect on private land and we were not disappointed with our discoveries. Glenn found a well-preserved Tenontosaurus tail. He spent much of the day retrieving it from the bentonite wasteland we were prospecting. Bentonite is an expanding clay left over from volcanic ash that fell and collected. When this clay gets wet it expands lifting and cracking any rock around it. As Glenn went about his work, Mack English fell upon what we believe to be a second Tenontosaurus tail some 200 yards from Glenn's site. We plan on going back to Mack's area with hopes of finding more of the animal, locked in the hard bentonite ground.

All of these "tails" aside the coolest of the cool finds were two small teeth from different animals. The first was from a dinosaur called Sauropelta. Its tooth was as small as a dime, hard to find and perfectly preserved. The other tooth was from a Lungfish. These two small teeth found by Mr. Papp earned him a "Golden Bronto"......Good Eyes!


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Papp said...

I like your comments and "tails" Dan. Lol! But, just wanted to correct you on Mr. "Pape" is actually Mr. "Papp". No worries. I'm sure he doesn't mind. Keep up all your good work. I'm enjoying reading the blogs. Miss you all. I had a great time learning how to do a dinosaur dig and please thank Glen for letting me come out. I didn't get a chance to thank him before I left. See you guys and have fun finding all the dinosaur bones! Peace out!

Tina Papp