Friday, July 16, 2010

Summer Camp

Dear Mom and Dad,
Camp is fun. We are doing lots of fun things. Yesterday, my friend Caleb found a Caudal Bone from the tail of a Sauropod Dinosaur. It was sooooooooooo cool! The food is good, but I hate doing dishes....we all do. Sleeping in a tent is fun and uncomfortable. At night we all lay out on the trailer and stare up at the Milky Way. It's sooooo beautiful out here away from the city lights. I counted ten shooting stars last night. Well, have to go, wish you were here!

-Dino School

Too much Cheez Whiz!!


Anonymous said...

Paleontologists do have spots! Tell Sharon to stop huffing Easy Cheese!

Anonymous said...

Dan - Keep up the good work on the post. It has become a nightly thing to check in and read how you and the group are doing. I feel like I'm there but with a bed and AC. Everyone has been asking about you. I close on my house on Monday, so when you get back I'll have you a welcoming party and you can share your stories. Be safe and watch out for UFO's.

-Catfish Bandit

Anonymous said...

wow I wish I was there! This blog is awesome and inspiring! I now believe that I can quit my job bussing at the eating hole and go on a DINO DIG! whoo hooo. Although I dont understand a lot of the stuff you are finding.... I THINK ITS AWESOME!

Donkey Blossum