Friday, July 29, 2011

End of Week 3

The end of the week marks two things; The Youth are off to the pig races and the dig season is almost over. This also means that we will be trying to get everything out of the quarry in the next week as possible without uncovering anything else. We are working on removing several large bones; the scapula that I have been working on is ready to flip, Glenn is working on removing a humorous and helping Olivia with a possible illium and ischium, and William is working on two femra that are crossed. We ended the day with a Dinowheel run and brought down several fossils. Fortunately, we had a visitor show up last night; she is a longtime volunteer at the Cincinnati Museum Center and has been out at the site for five years in the past. Sara Oser has agreed to stay for a couple days to help us with digging out the fossils that taught her most of what she knows.

Dr. Storrs and Olivia plastering a fossil

William using the Mighty Jack and air compressor to remove the hard rock from tight places.

Ben and Sara working on removing some limb bones.

The end of day Dinowheel run.

The before and after plastering for the scapula that I have been working on.

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