Sunday, July 17, 2011

End of week one: 2011 style

With week one over the first group of participants is leaving. They have enjoyed the scenery, the bones, the plastering and moving of very large fossils to the trailer. The week ended with the ever so popular pig races. The first week of digging produced over 50 bones that have been removed and there are still more left for next week’s participants to dig. Some of the bones that have been found and excavated (most anyway) include two femra (thigh bone), a very nice cervical (neck bone), many caudal vertebra (tail bones), the very large (300-400 lbs.) block of basal caudal vertebra, a very small pubis (pubic bone), a tibia (shin bone), and many metapodials and phalanges (foot and finger bones).


ljmedows said...

Pig races are fun, but me and Dale went bowling and learned that even with a town filled with bikers, securing a bowling lane is actually not that hard. We also learned that a gutterball does not necessarily mean not hitting a pin.

Sandy said...

Hey Lemont - sorry we didn't get a chance to say goodbye. We had a great time and you are the best "sneaker-upper" I've ever met! Keep being patient!!