Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Week One participants

Mark (the Invisible Man), our videographer

Sandy and Russ: The three year veterans

Bill and two of his grandsons


Sandy said...

We arrived home a few hours later than expected, but tired and happy. Part of us is still at YBRA or in the quarry. We miss you all. Goodnight to my girl, Miss O - you made my week!

M. English said...

Sandy, your bone turned out to be a Tibia by the way. I will tell Olivia you say hello.

Oh, can you come back out here, we need more burlap cut.

Mark W said...

Your invisible videographer made it home in one piece; more importantly, so did his video equipment. The footage looks great so far. And despite my invisibility last week, you should be grateful: remember, if what you did isn't on television, then it didn't really happen.

Say hey to Glenn, William, Olivia, Lamont, and the racing pigs.

Sandy said...

I would love to be back there, Mac! I'm sure no one can cut burlap quite as well as I can! We just got back from Manitoulin Island in Canada and saw where the granite and limestone meet. I immediately thought of you guys! Take care on your trip back to Ohio.

Miss you, Olivia!