Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Week Two

With week two half way over, the participants have continued to work on what lasts weeks participants could not get out and also on many new bones. Some of these include 11 caudal vertebra from the end of the tail, an ungual (toe claw), pubis (pubic bone/ very small), chevrons (on the bottom of caudal vertebra to protect the Haemel Artery and add muscle support to the tail), and many other bones.

Yesterday we had some rain, which led to the bailing out of the quarry. The crew and participants created a bucket brigade and we emptied the quarry.

The Crew


Anonymous said...

Is that where the vertical vert and femur was?

Mike P.

M. English said...

No, it is where the tibia you never saw was along with some ribs and a couple small bones.