Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Goldstar Chili and The Cure Starts Now

The Cincinnati Dinosaur Field School would like to thank Charlie Howard and Goldstar Chili for their support of The Cure Starts Now ( and for giving participants the ability to come to the site. The Cure Starts Now is a great cause for fighting pediatric brain cancer and I recommend everyone to help out.

We would personally like to thank Charlie

Howard and Goldstar Chili for sending us many cans (48, I counted) of Goldstar chili; we will be well fed.

The Crew


Anonymous said...

48 cans!!!! I miss everything!!! If you could see me pouting right now you would feel sorry for me and save me some cans.

Jason Dennison said...

Kudos to Charlie Howard and Gold Star Chili. You have NO IDEA how amazing Gold Star tastes in the middle of the high desert of Montana. We used to have to rely on care packages that could take 2 or more weeks to arrive in Red Lodge.

The diggers also love PRINGLES (hint, hint).