Saturday, July 18, 2009

Between a rock...

Week 2 participants have been unearthing fossils left and right! Don't worry Week 1ers, you paved the road!

Recently, we've hit calcite dykes and hard limestone in the struggle to trench around fossils. But with a little elbow grease and help from our trusty air hammers, we'll show those hard areas who's boss.

By this picture alone, you can see that we are well on our way collecting many specimens both large and small from Mother's Day. So far we have extracted gastroliths, ribs, cervicals, a femur, and a radius, just to name a few.

We are still discovering more new fossils each day and Week 2 participants are working steadily to get as far as they can during their last day in the quarry. Tomorrow, they will depart YBRA for the real world and we will welcome a few young ladies from Cincinnati Museum Center's Youth Volunteer Program for a week of learning and discovery.


Mark B said...

How is the Plesiosaur progressing? It sounds like week 2 got really plastered!

Mike P. said...

Hello guys!! Looks like you all have been busy since I left. I am still picking the glue and plaster from my fingers. Have the femora come out of the ground yet? Wish I was still out there!! Lauren, tell Glenn I have the receipt for the transit. Tell everyone hello.

Skeptical Chymist said...

We all at the Geier are enjoying your informative blogs. Hope that plesiosaur is sitting in some nice soft matrix...not like the guy we've been working on.
CU later.