Monday, July 27, 2009

Plesiosaur skull has been found!

Yes, the Plesiosaur skull was found today and the whole crew couldn't be happier! The joy was short lived for it was followed shortly by hail...

The youth volunteers returned to Cincinnati last night and now we are in crunch mode to remove all the fossils that are exposed at both sites within the week. It may sound like an easy task, however, the curse of the Mother's Day Site is to find a bone, expose it, trench around it and then discover another bone in your way. Our crew now consists of very few members but we are determined to close up the site in good time.


Bridget said...

Exciting! I can hardly believe it. Nice work everyone! And a huge thank you to everyone, Dr. Storrs, Lauren, Sharon, Lamont, Matt, and Will for an amazing week last week. You guys are the best. Good luck this week, I hope everything goes well.

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have a nice day.

Scott Robertson said...

Thanks for the card, glad you're having a good summer - see you this fall.

Take care,
Scott Robertson