Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Montana, here we come!

We departed Tuesday for "Big Sky Country" in pursuit of research and fossils! Our crew includes: Sharon, Mike, Lamont, William, Mark, Dr. Storrs and myself. Additional crew will meet us at Mothers' Day Site.

Our caravan headed west through Indiana, Illinois and Iowa. Until we hit Iowa, the drive was very, very flat. In the end, it made everyone appreciate Cincinnati's seven rolling hills.

Last night, Lamont took his first stab at Indian cuisine and then we stopped and camped in Rock Creek State Park in Kellogg, Iowa. It is a beautiful camp site that overlooks the creek. The crew happily poured out of the van when we arrived, glad to stretch after 9 hours on the road.

To all crew moms and dads, everyone is safe and we have only been nurturing our addiction to books on tape and gas station snacks.


Anonymous said...

I hope your trip goes well! Be sure to put up those tarps over the site and notify room service that we are coming. Kevin and I are looking forward to joining you on Sunday. --Mark

Rick said...

Dino-Girl (Lauren)----
This sounds like a DREAM TRIP: Spam and Service Station snacks!
If I am ever executed, for my final meal I will want Spam and Slim Jims and Corn-Nuts!!


Lauren said...

Dr. Singel - Thank you for donating the dental tools for our dig! They have been great for picking dirt away from the bones.

I had my first Big Mac on the drive out here...I knew you would be proud!

Rick said...

I am glad the instruments are coming in handy! Just don't try any dinosaur root canals! I'm not sure they have dental insurance.

Your first Big Mac is truly a cause for celebration!! But it has taken so long... Where oh where did I go wrong?! But no matter, you've joined the ranks of
Fast Food Nation. Plug your arteries and write your will, young lady! :-))