Friday, July 17, 2009

Field Jacketing 101

Many ask how we transport our incredible finds safely home to Cincinnati. Well, here is your chance to discover the magic that happens behind-the-scenes and in the field!

How to Field Jacket your fossil:
1-Find your fossil!
2-Carefully uncover it

3-Create a trench around the fossil

4-Map the fossil's location in the quarry and record your notes
5-Apply wet toilet paper completely covering the top

6-Layer strips of burlap and plaster to create a temporary cast

7-Mark your jacket with the site code
8-Undercut the matrix below your fossil, flip and repeat steps 5-7

9-Crack the remaining plaster off your hands and clothes

Tada! You have gathered, recorded and unearthed a fossil!

Our fossils are then transferred to the labs at Cincinnati Museum Center to await careful prep from staff and volunteers.

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Lauren said...

Dear Alex & Janice from Week 1-
Thank you for sending the YUMMY cheesecakes all the way from NYC. They were a big hit at our big Friday Night dinner at camp!! Yes, we did "dig" them. Hope to see you next year! Lauren