Monday, July 13, 2009

Dinosaur Field School - Week 1

Everyone hard at work in the quarry

Joey & Paul creating a trench around their fossils

Week 1 Participants with the Field Crew

Farewell Pig Races


Kerri Gallimore said...

hey hey! lovin the photo's guys! i'm a friend of Matt's (the english 1!) hope you guys are having fun and if you could pass on a message to matt telling him i miss him and there's a nice Jac Daniels and Coke waiting for him when he gets back ;-)


Lauren said...

Kerri - Will do. Thanks, Lauren

Suzanne Cobley said...

Hi to all from cold and wet England!
A big THANK YOU to Lauren for keeping us up-to-date with events on the dig.
I was wondering if anyone knows what was brave enough to bite Matt in his tent in the night and is it still alive?!!!

From his Mum!!!
(hi Kerri x)

kerri gallimore said...

I agree, i'm pretty sure the spider will have came off worse in this episode.

hope you guys are enjoying yourselves!!!

x Kez x
(Hi Mrs Cobley!)

Lauren said...

Hi Ms. Cobley-
I try to take pictures of your son for the blog and he won't let me...

He is recovering from the bugs in his tent and last night he rediscovered the simple joys of Lucky Charms.

Thanks for following! Lauren